Our Vision for Religious Education

Religious Education at Grimley and Holt has three main foci:

    1.       The spiritual and moral needs and development of the children and the manner in which these contribute to their social and cultural  development:

    2.       The nature of the whole curriculum which is underpinned by the Mantle of the Expert:

    3.       The requirements of the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education for Worcestershire.


At the heart of RE is the schools’ concern to make children aware of the spiritual aspects of life, the ways they may respond to these in a personal sense, and how formal religious and cultural groups have responded to the world as they see it. As a Church of England school the Christian religion will be central. This will be the case in the school’s acts of collective worship, the values which run throughout all aspects of school life, and the regular celebrations of the Christian year celebrated in church and in school. A main aim of RE in the school is that children will leave Grimley and Holt having enjoyed their Religious Education; been stimulated by it; and look forward to building upon their knowledge and experience in their next school.

We believe that quality RE in Church of England schools makes space for pupils to explore question and makes the resources of the Christian tradition available to them. Quality RE takes the personal worth of every child and the family culture of each seriously, seeking to explore religious ideas and emotions in ways that are authentic and have integrity. It offers opportunities to children to think for themselves, and be broad minded and open-hearted in their encounters with faith.

The teaching of RE is focused through RE days, weekly sessions and weekly church services which are largely experiential in design and content; they are often allied to various trips children make to places of worship in the West Midlands. It is the rationale of RE in the school that children’s learning is related to enjoyment, discovery and experience. When the children leave the school they will be familiar with the essential beliefs and practices of the Church of England and have been introduced to the major world religions as documented in the Agreed Syllabus through our rolling programme.

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