Reception Class

Welcome to our small and exciting Reception class. 

This year we are a class of fourteen children!

In Reception the children have lots of fun learning through play, they have plenty of child initiated opportunities as well as adult lead focused activities and whole class teaching. The children are taught phonics through the Read Write Inc phonics scheme and maths every morning. Like the rest of the school Reception are taught through dramatic-inquiry based learning, Mantle of the Expert. Some of our past Mantle’s include, running a restaurant, running an animal rescue centre, deep sea divers, park keepers, party planners, town planners, story problem solvers and running a dinosaur museum.

 In addition the children have physical education lessons; this may be gymnastics, dance, ball skills or games. During outdoor learning the learn about their environment by making, creating, observing and exploring.


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Mantle of the Expert Topic Summer 2018

MoE Rec

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Reception Expectations


• Look at books and listen to stories

• Use phonic knowledge to decode regular words

• Be secure at Phase 4 phonics

• Read Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 tricky words

• Identify rhymes and alliteration

• Join in with rhyming patterns

• Read and understand simple sentences

• Demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read

• Make basic predictions

• Identify the start and end of a sentence

• Know the alphabet and link letter names to the sound they make

• Know the difference between a capital and lower case letter

• Learn some simple rhymes and poems by heart

Speaking and Listening

• Use complete sentences to explain or describe things

• Listen carefully to what is being said and repeat this if needed

• Know not to interrupt when someone else is saying something

• Stand up in front of others and re-tell something that has happened to them


• Use phonic knowledge to write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others

• Write name (correct capital and lower case)

• Use capital letters and full stops to demarcate sentences

• Write clearly demarcated sentences

• Use a correct pencil grip

• Correct formation of all letters


• Count reliably to 20

• Count a number of objects by pointing to/moving each one as they count

• Recognise numbers to 20

• Order numbers 1 – 20

• Say 1 more and1 less than numbers to 20

• Add and subtract two single digit numbers

• Form all digits 0-9 correctly

• Know the names of the days of the week in order

• Begin to recognise and name common 2D shapes, e.g. square, rectangle, circle and triangle

• Begin to recognise and name some 3D shapes, e.g. cube, sphere, cylinder, cone

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