2011-12 Gallery

Sub galleries

1-Building-work-009Building work progress in September 2011
IMG4561Busy Busy Bethlehem - Our Nativity 2011
Children-in-Need-019Children in Need 2011
IMG0416Dance Festival Class 3 4 January 2012
Friday-KS1-Wellie-walk-005Fun on our KS1 Wellie Walk Oct 21st 2011
Go-For-Gold-2012-003Go for Gold - KS2 play 2012
Grandparents-Day-024Grandparents Eco-day and Harvest service
DSC0004Gym Festival 2012
Holt-Castle-visit-011Holt Castle visit
grand-opening-002KS2 Multiskills morning at The Chantry
Diwalhi-010Learning about Diwalhi year 5-6 trip October 2011
12-pe-004R12 explore outdoors
Science-made-simple-2-001Science Week Fun 2011
sealion-cove-002---CopySealion Cove by Art Club 2012
treeplanting-001Tree planting with Wildgoose - Top Barn
Year-34-mantle-talking-about-healthy-eating-with-R12-001Y34 mantle Healthy eating activities

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