In the village of Grimley there are two pubs, The Wagon Wheel and The Camp House Inn.


The Camp at Grimley:

the-campWhen Mr Jukes visited us, he spoke about Bevere Island and the Camp inn.  Bevere Island was known in the past as the Camp. It was a refuge for Worcester citizens. People of Worcester fled to the Island during difficult times hundreds of years ago. Firstly, they fled for refuge when the Vikings raided.  Then they fled during the civil war. Finally, they fled during the times of the plague. Once the Vikings had plundered and gone back, people returned to Worcester. The Camp Inn was built during the Georgian period and was always used by watermen. It had stables for horses/donkeys.  The Camp Inn was first licensed to sell alcohol by Oliver Cromwell. 

What is also special about the Camp Inn is that there used to be ferries which transported people from places like Claines or the Cathedral across the river to Grimley where they could have enjoyed a drink.  There was even a ferry that helped transport salt from Droitwich to areas in Worcester.

The Camp is loved for it’s birds, people enjoy sitting outside watching them, beware of the geese and swans... they bite! You can also see Barges coming past on the water, and colorful peacocks in the outside garden. 

  The Wagon Wheel:


The wagon wheel is a 15th century inn and pub, it’s also a thatched building. It has over 12 types of brandy, 80 different wines along with many others. Oliver Cromwell, (the lord protector and served in the British military) licensed the pub in the 15th century to sell drinks.






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