Grimley is a village which is in the Malvern Hills District in the county of Worcestershire. It is situated on the west bank of the River Severn and is to the north of the city of Worcester and is also near the A443. The Parish is made up of the settlements of Grimley Village, Monkwood Green and Sinton Green. The grid reference is SO8360 its length 3 miles (4.8km).

Grimley has two Public Houses, a thriving primary school (Grimley and Holt), along with St Bartholomew’s Church, a pub (The Camp Inn), a licenced restaurant (The Wagon Wheel).  Grimley also has the old brick pits (site of scientific interest) by the River Severn and also some farms. To the south of the lane used to be where sand and gravel was extracted. Now this land has been turned into lakes and wildlife thrives.

The name of Grimley used to be called Grimanlea, this means means ‘wood haunted by a ghost or spectre’.  Once housed a building for Monks, apparently linked to Holt castle via underground tunnels, and has been a site of refuge for thousands of years.  Lucien, a brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, lived in Grimley for a number of years after his capture by the British in 1810.

We are looked after by:-

Police: West Mercia
Fire brigade: Hereford and Worcester
Ambulance: West Midlands

The Countryside Code for safe walking

(Written by Kacie, Daniel, Allayah, Isabelle, Rosa, Holly and Madison - age 8)


Protect wildlife, plants and trees

  • Never hurt the animals
  • Keep your distance away from the animals
  • Don't climb trees or tred on crops, keep to the paths where possible.
  • Do not interfere with livestock or crop machinery.
  • Don't pick wild flowers, even though they look pretty, resist!

Take your litter home

  • All glass, tins, plastic and bottles can be dangerous to animals
  • Keep the countryside clean by taking your litter home and any that you may find on the way

Keep all water sources clean

  • Don't interfere with water troughs which provide clean water to wildlife
  • Take care with your personal hygiene and do not pollute.

Take special care on country roads

  • Always drive carefully on roads incase people are walking or crossing.
  • Slow down or stop for horses, walkers and farm animals and give them plenty of room.
  • Where there is no pavement always walk on the right hand side so you can see oncoming traffic and tuck yourself in.

Respect local people, and the local community

  • Keep dogs on a lead and under control whilest passing cattle and on farmers land, as it may result in the dog disturbing livestock and famers have permission to shoot the dog.
  • Clean up dog poo if it's from your dog.
  • Leave gates as you find them to prevent animals escaping and to help tractors passing through.
  • If there is a sign that says No entry then don't enter
  • Don't block gateways, driveways or other paths with your vehicle




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