Grimley Geology

20 years ago, Grimley was surrounded by gravel pits. The gravel was desposited by meltwater from glaciers 200,000 years ago! Underneath Grimley there is gravel, concrete and fossils.  The gravel is good for building roads and the concrete is good because it is hard not soft.  If it were soft it would crumble like sand and not be good for the roads.

There aren't many fossils in Grimley but a couple of fossils like mammoth’s teeth, woolly rhino, horse and deer bones have been found.

Grimley part of the River Severn is good for fishing and 120,000 years ago dolphins would have been seen!   Some of the fishing pools were dug by monks.  There are lots of man-made lakes in Grimley because they landscaped the fields and turned them into pools.

According to the Doomsday book Grimley was named Grimley in 1086 but in that time it was named Grimanleh meaning 'wood haunted by a ghost'. The first house was built before 1086.

The school has not always been called Grimley and Holt, there used to be a school in Holt too so it was just Grimley. The school was built in 1858.

Millions of years ago this school used to be gravel and the river eroded it.
The road in Grimley has always been the same but the main road was fields.

Grimley used to be much bigger and had twice as many people, hundreds of years ago Holt, Hallow and Wichenford all used to be Grimley.

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