Following on from our successful project on the Great War, Class 3/4 will be using funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Tesco’s Bags of Help to develop outdoor learning at Grimley and Holt.

Class 3/4 are going to develop a project with community links to nurture an understanding of the natural and social history of Grimley, Holt and the surrounding hamlets through the development of a walking trail and accompanying website.

Learning about local geology and history

Geological history will be covered (that of the River Severn and ice-sheets), local archaeology, early history (Kings Bertwulf, and Offa, Grimley Monastery (linked to Holt Castle via underground tunnels), social developments of the 18th and 19th centuries, and the role of parishioners in the First World War. Early–modern history will be accessed through community involvement and oral histories through fully exercising school and community links. 

Exploring local habitats 

The area around Grimley and Holt has become a hub for nature lovers. Following widespread gravel extraction, the region has extensive ponds and lakes. These offer a wealth of natural habitats and are very popular with ornithologists as they are often frequented by rare migrants. The stretch of the River Severn from Hallow Park to Holt Fleet forms a natural boundary to the east of the area providing a range of distinct habitats. Many areas of the national curriculum, particularly those that will be of interest to parents/carers and the local community, can be highlighted, fully investigated and enjoyed.

The Trail 

The trail will incorporate 6 routes, of varying length and terrain, within the area. All routes use established rights of way and will provide information through signage in the form of information boards and QR codes. The latter will be placed at nodes throughout the network to provide: maps and grid references, environmental information, links to geological, archaeological and ecological databases, as well as dedicated school web-pages and down- loadable audio files.  We need your help!

“We will establish a sustainable foundation for learning and outdoor pursuit for the school community. We have already  secured the help of local bird enthusiasts, land experts on wetlands, snakes and the Great Newt,” said Mr Richards, Head-teacher and Project Leader, “If you feel that you can help in any way, please get in touch.” 

Ofsted Outstanding 3D

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