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We launched our E-Safety Commitee back in January 2013 and ever since we have met termly to discuss all aspects of E-Safety and the importance of being e-safe at home and at school. We are proud to have taken part in National Internet Safety Day each year, alongside delivering teaching and learning as part of a curriculum plan which is taught across all year groups in school.

This year 2019/20 children from 5/6 were given the opportunity to apply to be on the committee.  We had six applications from individuals that showed a real care, concern and recognition for the possible dangers of the internet and a desire to spread the messages, over and above their class work, to keep everyone safe.  

Meet the E- Safety Champions Committee of 2019/20

E Safety Committee 201920

As a committee we meet termly to discuss any e-safety issues that may have arisen, reviewing and monitoring our e-safety policy and practice and responding to the changing needs of our school and technology. We also take an active part in National E-Safety Day and our committee are already generating lots of ideas for next years event so watch this space!

Next year, National E Safety Day is taking place on Tuesday 11th February with the focus on online identity.  We will be asking our children to consider whether they and their peers are truely free to be themselves online?  We will open up discussions about how the internet shapes the way that they think of themselves and others, thinking about what creates our online identity - such as the things we share with others, how others percieve and interact with us, as well as how online services use the information we share to identify and profile us.

We are all looking forward to planning the day.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let the committee know or if you are a parent, please join us at our next meeting.  The date will be advertised on a newsletter.

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