Science learning at Grimley & Holt Primary School is fundamental in helping our children be the enthusiastic and engaged learners that they are.  When taught through an enquiry aproach, Science captures the interest and enthusiasm of all our learners and helps them to think critically, evaluate and make predictions.  They are frequently required to draw upon and transfer their skills from other areas of the curriculum, for example in Maths and Literacy.  The regular use of Technology Enhanced Learning in lessons across the school develops their scientific skills further.

Our vision for teaching Science seeks to challenge, excite and question every child. Most science lessons take place during the class teachers PPA time and are taught by a Specialist Science Teacher and Science SLE for Worcestershire. This means the children are getting quality Science experiences and also science teaching and learning time is protected from the demands of other curriuclum areas.  Children in 1/2 and 3/4 get at least 5 hours Science teaching & learning time every other week and children in 5/6 recieve about 3 hours teaching time every week, while reception enjoy at least 1 hour of science each week.  We regularly take part in local and national Science initiatives, including National Science Week and we regularly welcome visitors and STEM Ambassadors into class to further enrich the childrens experiences.  Next years Science Week, 9th March - 15th March is on the theme of Water and lots of activities, trips and visitors into our school, to enrich their learning experiences are already planned.  Class teachers may also include Science in their Mantle of the Expert topic or in Outdoor learning and Child Initiated Activities and is an ideal time to consolidate Science learning.

The Knowledge and Understanding content of the Science curriculum is delivered on a two year rolling plan for KS1 and KS2.  Working Scientifically skills are taught throughout the two years and skills are built on through teaching the relevant knowledge and Understanding unit.  In foundation our topics help provide a good foundation for the learning to come.



(One Year Cycle)

Year 1/2 

Cycle B 19/20 Cycle A 20/21

Year 3/4

Cycle B 19/20 Cycle A 20/21

Year 5/6

Cycle B 19/20  Cycle A 20/21


Materials & their properties

Comparing, Sorting & Testing

Living things & their habitats 

Seasinal Change & Plants 

Electricity & Magnetism

Sound & Light

Light & Electricity




Identifying & Classifying

Everyday Materials and their Uses 

Animals including Humans 

States of Matter & Rocks

Animals inc. humans

Properties & Changes of Materials

Animals Inc. humans & Evolution & Inheritance



Observation & Testing




Plants & Living things in their habitats

Earth & Space

Living things & their habitats

Ofsted Outstanding 3D

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